House Sold Offer Accepted; Closing Set for July 23, 2021

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House Sold

Becky and I are EXCITED to announce that we have accepted an offer to buy our house! We accepted this offer on June 23 and the closing is set for July 23, 2021. There is a lot to love about this offer. For one, we sold the house for more than we had it listed on Zillow and Facebook. Second, the offer we accepted is from a cash buyer who has waived all contingencies. Our lawyer has the earnest money payment, although this did take some time. At this point, we are waiting on the abstract work to finish. In the meantime, the lawyer we hired is completing everything else needed for the closing.

Sold Ourselves

We sold this house on our own (more to come about what we learned doing this in another post). Becky and I spent a lot of time cleaning and preparing the house for showings. We had a day of fixing small issues that buyers could have noticed. I did all the marketing, showings, communications, and negotiating. It was at times stressful, but this brief period of work will save us the 5 to 6% fee that realtors normally charge.

Marketing and showing our own house allowed us to get to know the potential buyers. This made it easier to negotiate for what was important to us. For instance, we will get up to 60 days rent-free and without a security deposit after closing in the house.

Selling the house was one of the biggest to-do items. Now on to other items like selling our vehicles, selling larger items in the house, and getting packed. We also are still working to determine our first travel location(s) and prepare for the travel we will be doing. It is not official until we close (sign the papers and receive the full payment). That said, it is great to be at this point!

Brock Waterman
Originally Written: 7/12/2021

Updated: 1/22/2022 for SEO

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