Our Recommendations


We don’t put ads or referral links into our blog content or YouTube channel (Google may but we don’t). We don’t show ads on our site. That said yes we would love to have some more spending money for when we are on the road!

Below are our recommendations for the services and products that we use. We will not and do not show anything we have not used. We also don’t show anything we would not use again. For each, we get paid if you use our link and buy the service. Using these links get you the same price as you would pay on your own. We have purposefully separated them to this single page on the site. This makes it easy for you to know where they can go when they need recommendations and want to support the FIRE Travel Family.

Travel Insurance

We have gotten travel insurance for almost 20 different trips. We have been through many different companies. What really matters is how they pay if needed. We now always use SafetyWing for travel insurance. This is because you:

  • Great and quick responses from online chat support personnel
  • Policy starts at $42 for 4 weeks (ages 18 to 39)
  • One free kid with each adult policy
  • Pay as you go (4 weeks at a time) not all up-front
    • Saves money on premium for longer trips that end early
  • The coverage includes so many items other insurances do not

If you use our recommendation link, you do not pay more. But it does give us a small payment. This helps us continue to travel and put out more great content on our blog and YouTube Channel.