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On Labor Day (Sept 6, 2021) Becky and Brock Waterman made it official and retired. This allows them to spend more time together and with the kids. It also allows them to travel the world and world/home school the kids. You can read our blog post about what early retirement means to us. The path to get to this was a lot of work! But now the FIRE Travel Family is sharing both our new adventures and information about how we achieved financial independence and retired early. To learn more about us checkout our media page.

The FIRE Travel Family team includes (ages as of May 2024):

  • Brock: Age 45 (retired at age 42; also did 5 year mid 20’s mini-retirement)
  • Becky: Age 35 (retired at age 32)
  • Kyra: Age 8 (world / home schooling from age 5)
  • Verity Age 4 (world / home schooling from age 3)
  • Atari Age 1
FIRE Travel Family - House Sale Picture - Brock, Becky, Kyra, Verity - Financial Independence - Retire Early - Early Retirement - About Us
Kyra, Brock, Verity & Becky Waterman – In front of the house we used to own in Dubuque, IA in 2021

About Us – Brock

Brock has worked as a computer programmer, futures and options broker, bank examiner, business consultant, dive instructor, divemaster, and has owned several of his own businesses. He is from an entrepreneurial family and is a lean startup/business model expert. However, work and professional life are not how he defines himself. He graduated high school a year early and has never been comfortable doing things the “normal” way. Furthermore, he walked away from being a senior programmer at the age of 24 to take a 14-month trip around the world on his own when he was 24 without ever having been out of North American.

In addition, one of his passions is finance and financial literacy. He has traveled on his own, with friends, as a couple, and as a father. Brock studied abroad, worked abroad, and lived abroad. He has traveled extensively internationally and within the United States and has been to 36 countries.

About Us – Becky

Becky has worked on farms, as an assistant store manager, as a business office manager, and as the owner of 2 successful massage therapy businesses. She grew up on a farm and learned the work ethic needed to be successful. Importantly, Becky is the glue and emotional center of the family. She loves having focused time with the kids while being able to see them learn and grow. Homeschooling is something she has always wanted to do. Becky has major mom travel experience taking young kid(s) on long flights to Africa, Asia, Hawaii, and more. She has traveled to 20 countries.

About Us – Kyra

Kyra is a master kid traveler. She is great on airplanes, comfortable doing new things, and always ready for hiking and seeing new animals. She loves learning and is an amazing teacher for her younger sister. Kyra is always thinking and keeps her parents on their toes. Additionally, she loves helping her family and loves crafts. She is great at making new friends while traveling. Kyra has already traveled 11 countries and a bunch in the United States.

About Us – Verity

Verity is learning the ropes of traveling but is loving the time with her family. She is always doing things to make the family laugh. She is always watching, learning, and doing. Verity loves to pretend and play with her sister and brother. She has traveled to 8 countries including within the continental US.

About Us – Atari

Atari loves being with his awesome big sisters and makes us laugh all the time. So far Atari hasn’t been outside the US…yet.


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