FIRE Travel Family: The Origin Story

Welcome to the FIRE Travel Family blog! What can you expect? Brock and Becky Waterman are going to share knowledge, experience, and life hacks.

FIRE Travel Family - Brock, Becky, Kyra & Verity Waterman
Belize – March 2020

Why should you care? Good question, thanks for asking! Brock and Becky have traveled to over 35 countries. These were not short trips either. When we travel we average a month in each country. In fact, Brock has spent over 3 years of his life outside the United States, including a 14-month trip in his 20’s. Our oldest Kyra (4) has already spent nearly 4 months on vacation traveling to places like Hawaii, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Lesotho, and Belize (it would be more if not for COVID).

Where it gets even more interesting is that we have not mortgaged our future to do this. In fact, we have saved all the way along, while still doing what we consider important for our kids and family. Due to this in 2021 we have made the decision to

  • sell our house
  • sell most of our belongings
  • sell or transition Becky’s two massage therapy businesses
  • transition Brock’s Innovative Dubuque consulting business
  • travel the world with our kids as a way of life for the foreseeable future

Hence, FIRE Travel Family will chronicle our lives abroad and share how we got to this point. Wondering what FIRE stands for? Once again, great active listening (reading) on your part! Financial Independence Retire Early aka FIRE is the name of the movement where people are doing this with which Becky and I are broadly associated. But here is the thing, we only learned there were other people doing this in February of 2021. To that point, Becky and I had just been making this up as we went along. So is there any real sorcery involved in getting to financial independence? No there is not, just focus, planning, and spending on the important things in life (and leaving most material desires behind).

Once again from Brock, Becky, Kyra & Verity Waterman, welcome to our FIRE Travel Family! We are excited you are here and hope you are ready to learn, interact and drive the content we produce from this so it can be the most useful and valuable.

Brock Waterman
Originally Written: 6/2/2021
Updated: 6/10/2021

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