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On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, we announced that we had reached financial independence and that we will be selling most of our possessions to travel the world. We had told our immediate families and some close friends in the months leading up to this announcement. Below is the email we used to communicate our decision with everyone else and launch our FIRE Travel Family venture:


Family, Friends & Colleagues:

Becky and I have exciting and life changing news.  Through hard work, a focused/frugal lifestyle, and strong financial management we have reached our financial independence goals!  Therefore, we are selling most of our possessions, our vehicles, and our house.  In regards to the house, please help us spread the word via our Zillow listing ( or on Facebook (  Our plan is to “retire”, become full-time parents, and explore the world with Kyra & Verity! 

At this point in the email, you may have some questions or want to know more.  If that is the case follow us on social media at our new FIRE Travel Family venture (see below).  Our plan is to discuss our experiences and source content from people’s questions so everyone can have their questions discussed.  As always, we also look forward to what we can learn from others and in our travels.  Once we have had some time off to chill on the road we might even start teaching clients how to attain financial independence themselves.

So far we don’t have much online other than a few blog posts (  We don’t even have the logo created or website design/content done (only a general template).  That will change once the selling work is done in a few months and we are ready to hit the road.  At most, our current plan is to send one more email like this before going fully to social media.

Key accounts to follow for our major news:

Others we may update:


Brock, Becky, Kyra & Verity Waterman
FIRE Travel Family 
Originally Written: 6/15/2021
Posted: 6/20/2021

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